Moving Vehicles

from by Audemia

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In front of view, the paths unwind, and you know in your heart that it's all just a ride
To take the wrong would not be unwise, for everything you thought you knew would be left behind
you wanted one thing, to have it all, now that you have it, you have nothing at all
the greatest things are often so small, so dust yourself off, after the fall

once you've hit the bottom, there's nowhere else to go.
so keep your intentions pure and you will reap what you sow.
rip through your garden, with your rapier in hand,
swinging it wildly, while keeping in time with the band

no more than a shadow, soon he turns to me,
a friend with weed, is a friend indeed
ain't it funny how hard work brings all the luck, and
silence is golden, so why don't you shut the fuck up

somebody who's tall can see past this glass wall
one who'll never cave in or ever take the fall
but a friend's not a friend if he's never in need
if you never ask, you'll never get it from me.
all your spells will be cast against you,
if you don't have name, how do they bill you?
once you know you can never go back
so stand in the truth and launch the attack.
all you enemies are made out of glass,
thou shalt not heed, none shall pass

with love on your side you will win every time
so let it all go but stay for the show
the sparks and lights, the laughs and tears
don't get distracted, it's all smoke and mirrors
return to your kingdom, your carriage awaits
to take you to heaven but not through the gates
i know a way in, where nobody dies
it's open to all those who've opened their eyes
a leap of faith isn't really that high
when you know in your heart that, it's all just a ride....

the sun its seems, is always setting
don't forget to rise again


from FUCK IT, released February 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Audemia Geelong, Australia

Audemia is a 4 piece outfit from Geelong, with a big unique sound. This could be attributed to the varying influences and contrasting styles of each member in the band. over the last 8 months they have taken geelong by storm and are ready and armed to take on the world!! ... more

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